Black Cherry Flavor Extract


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Our flavor extracts are all organic and made with the best ingredients for a burst of flavor. Delicious in cookies, cakes, homemade ice cream, hot chocolate, coffee, chocolates, pies, icing and so much moreā€¦!

These flavor extracts are water-soluble flavors made in a base of organic ethyl alcohol and are certified, organic, food-grade, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and contain NO allergens. You will need to experiment with the amount of organic flavor extracts you use to achieve the perfect strength for flavoring your recipe. If you notice a medicinal or minty taste with organic extracts for baking, you may have over-flavored your recipe. Try reducing the amount of organic flavor extract you are adding. Enjoy!

Our black cherry flavor extract gives a burst of flavor to any chocolates or frostings.

Net Wt 2 oz

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